The Beauty of elos Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Chérubina proudly offers laser hair removal treatment using Syneron’s most advanced and latest technology patented by elos. It is the first and only technology that combines bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and optical energy (Laser) to effectively remove unwanted hair of different colors and types from all skin tones.

Treatments are relatively painless and can be performed on virtually any body part. This proven method offers superior results combined with the highest level of comfort and safety for the client. Chérubina’s laser hair removal services will be provided by a trained and experienced technician who will assist you in customizing and understanding which treatment is best suited for you.

Call now for your free consultation with no obligation and it will be our pleasure to serve you. Chérubina’s focus is client satisfaction at affordable and highly competitive prices.

Laser Hair Removal Elos

For detailed answers to many common Frequently Asked Questions regarding laser hair removal click here. For a list of our prices click here.

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And it will be our pleasure to serve you.

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